Plugged in

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Description: The greatest part of waking up is an booty butt-plug in your bootie! Jamie was too thrilled for her first-ever ever anal invasion butt-plug to arrive. Her pooper was throbbing just thinking about it. She heard a ring at the doorbell, and sure enough it had ultimately arrived. Jamie rushed to her apartment to stick it in. She was fresh to this, so it took a few attempts before she got it right. As she fought, her brothers greatest homie accidentally ambled in on her. Jamie was fairly embarrassed, but Kyle thought it was super-cute and suggested to help her. He guided that ass-plug right down her pucker, then promptly changed it out for his spear. Jamie‘s eyes spinned into the back of her head out of unspoiled blessing. He continued to widen her taut crevasse, then Jamie pulled his chisel out for some ASS TO MOUTH, then stuck it right back in so she could clench hammer with her nether muscles. Kyle promptly conjured a fountain and popped it all over Jamie‘s pecs, letting her know that if she ever needs any anal invasion help, hes the dude to call!
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Models: Jamie Marleigh