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Description: You know, the harshest part about shoots like this are writing descriptions that don't unveil too much, but do whet the appetite of the reader. Frankly, it should be enough to say that ECG dearest Autumn comes back and gets ass-fucked - for the very first time in her life. But for those of you who need a more in-depth appetizer, have a view at the preview thumbnails below.And then witness the movie because it's not possible to appreciate this sequence sans actually witnessing it. You can PERCEIVE Autumn's nervousness when the shoot embarks. She knows her culo is going to be cockmaster TC's property for the next hour or so. She remembers his size from their first-ever rendezvous a few weeks earlier, and she could scarcely fit his weenie in her vag. And now in her butt? Even we aren't sure this is going to go over well. After the short dialogue, undress, and even some playthings in her caboose and cunt, she nearly chickens out fully, but TC is highly proficient and making stuff happen. And fortunately for us all this includes an amazing all-assfucking shoot that at times has some painal elements, but generally works pretty slickly. He does a fine job relaxing up our platinum-blonde stunner so that helped. TC also is truly grown into his double role of camera stud, and Autumn's buttfuck-devirginization (it's a word now, deal with it) is seized in so many appetizing and fapable angles, no assfuck or Autumn admirer will get out of this sans a cramp in their forearm. But after this truly steamy assfucking ordeal, Autumn isn't done. She knows the strength her labia has over TC. Instead of the customary "OMG get this jizm off my face"-douche, Pretty Autumn dunks her damaging behind into a super-fucking-hot bathtub. No surprise that TC gets right back in the mood witnessing Autumn sitting all glorious like in that bath, bubbles and all. Being the Web's ultimate ambling stiff-on, TC joins Autumn who doesn't waste time blatantly saying TC "We just had buttfuck hook-up, now I want you in my gash" (or something like that. Editor kept stroking so much, he couldn't reminisce the exact words). Unnecessary to say, TC gets rock hard and love a few moments of hj taunting from Autumn, then takes her from behind - in the fuckbox this time - until Autumn gets her own O. He promptly has her get down on all fours back down in the bathtub and blows him until TC shoots a large geyser in her facehole and on her bosoms. (anyone else jealous of being able to jizm these thick geysers in such a brief time? He won't unveil even to us how he's doing it). Anyway, ultra-cute bathtub. A great prize for Autumns newly devirginized pooper, and another yummy handle for our successful lord TC.
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